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The FiFlag allows the driver to know exactly what is going on at the race track at each time. In real racing cars more and more systems like that are installed too, to provided that driver with informations as fast as possible. When using a simulator it often hard to notice the flaggs, but thanks to bright 8x8 LED matrix the driver is now able to react a lot fast in dangerous or special situations.

The enclosure is manufacture by using our proven SLS 3D printing process. Other than the printers for private use the SLS printer melts a fine powder and forms the part into shape. After the printing process the enclosure will be glass blasted and colored in a special procedure. At the back are four M3 thread inserts and the cover is made of 2mm cnc milled prepreg carbon fibre. All this guarantee a high quality finish and good strucual strength.

To fit the FiFlag to your Rig,  you can order 2mm cnc milled carbon mounting plate. Custom plates are possible aswell.

You can find the needed software in the download section.

Dimensions: 85mm x 74mm x 38mm

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FiFlag DIY Edition

FiFlag DIY Edition

Encloser ONLY